Bananaaaa tatata bala tu la bodaaa jiji baboiii tulaliloo bappleees po kass.

A ready concept for thriving cities with places of cultural importance. Local Arts & Culture brings cyclists, scooter users and pedestrians together with cultural sights in an exciting way.

Users are directed to the service through various channels publicly advertised by the city. Visitor traffic can be tracked in real-time to see which channels generate the most activity. When a sight is added to LOC.AC, it will immediately be visible to thousands of users within the service. Each sight will receive a physical on-site label for a more convenient user experience.

LOC.AC is adaptive and constantly updated. Changes to surroundings, paths, city planning and the sight information itself are quickly updated, guaranteeing users a confusion-free trip. The service is introduced and promoted to the public in different ways, such as public transit, social media and info tablets on sights. When arriving to a cultural sight, the user is met with a customized AI guide. Image gallery, sight history and present day information will all be presented to the user in an entertaining way.